Filtri dell'aria a pannello

La gamma MANN+HUMMEL di celle filtranti soddisfa le esigenze di ogni applicazione ed impiego. Dai convenienti prefiltri a perdere, con telaio in cartone o plastica, fino ai prefiltri coalescenti ad alta capacità per la aspirazione di turbine a gas, MANN+HUMMEL può soddisfare completamente ogni esigenza nell’ambito della filtrazione primaria.



TI-100 is high efficiency, high capacity air filter/coalescer suited for use in industrial applications for rotating machinery like engines, gas turbines and smooth flow compressors.


TI-100 is a disposable media of continous glass fibres with progressive density and coated with an adhesive. These features gives the media a high efficiency and a high dust holding capacity. The air leaving side of the TI-100 is green.


The TI-100 is 100 mm thick and when installed in a single filter frame the media is compressed to 50 mm increasing the efficiency even further.


This coalescer can be installed in a standard filter frame with a hinged front, or alternatively in specially designed filter cassettes. Double deep frame for two filters in series are also available. The frames are offered in galvanized or stainless steel.


  • Continuous glass fibres with progressive density
    Gives a higher efficiency without compromising pressure drop
  • High arrestance
    For cleaner applications
  • Combined air filter and water coalescer
    Ideally suited for coastal applications
  • Available in double depth filter frames
    For demanding applications


Filter ClassG3
Thickness100 mm
Average dust arrestance89 %
Nominal dust arrestance2,5 m/s
Initial resistance40 Pa
Rec. final resistance250 Pa
Dust holding capacity3,000 g/m² (SAE)
Colour inlet/outletwhite/green