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An incorrectly installed or maintained filtration system will not only cause problems in terms of optimum performance, in some environments it can represent a potential danger to the people and equipment it was designed to protect. Because of this, it is crucial that the same level of care be taken towards the installation and maintenance of an HVAC air filtration system which was given to its selection in the first place.

Supply, Fit and Disposal

As filtration experts, our team of engineers have all the expertise and experience necessary to ensure that your HVAC filter system is installed correctly and performing at its optimum level. As licensed waste carriers we can provide you with a disposal service to remove all of your old HVAC air filters from site and dispose of them according to environmental and waste standards.

This service is provided with all relevant documentation, such as risk assessment, method statements and waste transfer notices, and in accordance to health and safety standards.

Filter Monitoring

To ensure that your HVAC filtration systems continue to operate at the optimum level, we provide a full filter monitoring service. Through on-site inspections and testing, we will provide you with a comprehensive situation report, detailing the exact condition of your HVAC filters and making recommendations for improvement/upgrade where necessary.

This report can provide a historical and ongoing record of the performance of your system, with pressure drop test results and a log of any problems and associated remedial works. It can also serve as a notification of filter changes and a hygiene record for Health and Safety documentation.

IAQ System Inspection and Monitoring

In order to ascertain and/or monitor the hygiene and efficiency of your systems, MANN+HUMMEL can undertake one-off or regular condition surveys and/or monitoring inspections of all components (AHU and ductwork) of your ventilation systems. A written report will be provided in order to alert you to any deterioration or items of concern before they reach the point where costly remedial works are necessary.

Hygiene Maintenance and Statutory Inspection

Maintaining the hygiene of ventilation plant will not only help maintain the indoor air quality of a building but will also maintain the designed air flow and energy efficiency of a HVAC system. For example, a contaminated coil will not only reduce the thermal transfer efficiency but also require greater energy consumption to move air through it. Also, dirty components (coils, ductwork, etc.) within a ventilation system can lead to increased bacterial growth and, therefore, the potential for these to contaminate the air within a building and affect the health of its occupants.

Regular maintenance help maintain the efficiency and hygiene of a system as well as meet a duty of care. MANN+HUMMEL's in-house expertise can help guide you through what is required, to enable you to meet your duty of care and maintain good indoor air quality with health, efficient ventilation systems.

Site Assessment Audit

Our experienced engineers can visit your facility to assess your entire system and provide a detailed analysis of every part of your air handling unit. This audit will provide you with fully detailed information on:

  • Opportunities for cost reduction
  • Optimization recommendations
  • Life cycle cost calculations
  • Energy reduction analysis
  • Filter change process
  • Disposal recommendations
  • Total site cost evaluation