Wind Turbines

Protect system components. Reduce costs and on-site workload.


The challenge

You probably spent thousands of man-hours choosing the perfect place to situate your wind turbines, carefully fine tuning the orientation to capture as much air flow as possible. Of course, this also means you are maximizing your turbine’s exposure to whatever contaminant the wind is carrying too.

Inland, your turbine will face dust, pollen, and contaminant from transport infrastructure and industrial areas. Offshore installations must contend with moisture, salts and dusts. Each of these pollutants pose a threat to the electrical components and generation equipment inside the nacelle, tower or base. If contaminant is allowed to reach these parts, it is likely to result in power loss, equipment failure, downtime and costly repairs.


The solution

Wind turbine filtration solutions from MANN+HUMMEL help ensure the smooth, trouble-free and efficient operation of your installation.

We focus our design on creating cooling air inlet filters that are tough enough for the demands of life inland or offshore. That means high burst resistance, robust frame construction and space-saving designs – all while ensuring that air flow is not compromised.

Our wind turbine filters also feature long service lives to minimize your filter spend and on-site workload. And they are also designed to be easily handled to make installation simpler and faster.