Spray Booths

Reduce cost. Improve quality. Reduce emissions.


The challenge

For a finish that’s free from imperfections you need an environment that’s free from contaminants. That means a filtration system that is capable of removing pollutants generated internally and externally, leaving you with clinically clean make-up air in your spray booth.

At the same time, you also need a filtration system that captures overspray, paint deposits and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) outside of the spray booth too. Protecting staff and the ecological environment depends on your ability to do so effectively.

Cleaning both the intake and exhaust air from your spray booth is no easy or cheap process. But it can be simpler and more cost effective by selecting the correct filtration system.


The solution

MANN+HUMMEL offers the full range of products for paint spray booth filtration. For make-up air, we provide everything you need to create a dynamic air shield around your finely-finished item – from cut media and ceiling pads to high efficiency HEPAs and explosion proof, ATEX-rated particle filters. And for exhaust air, we offer a range of products to capture overspray, powders, mists and vapors.

Best of all, our paint spray booth filters are designed to offer maximum energy efficiency to help you cut costs to a minimum and lessen your impact on the environment. We also offer a full consultation service, where our experts can survey your facility and recommend the ideal filter configuration for your individual facility. This will include minimizing energy costs, filter procurement spend, stock holding and administration, so that your filter system delivers maximum performance at the lowest possible costs.


Paint Emissions Case Study