Improve safety. Reduce energy costs.


The challenge

For manufacturers of all types of products, the air pollutant challenge will focus on three areas – health and safety of employees, protecting the environment and ensuring process efficiency.

Whether it is fumes, dust, mist or sprays, it is likely that at least one of your processes will generate some form of localized air pollution. The treatment of contaminated air inside or outside your production equipment is essential, so that explosive dusts, machine abrasion, gaseous pollutants or toxic hazards can harm neither your machinery or the health of your employees. But doing so can be a costly business in terms of upkeep and energy consumption.

And the same consideration must be made to the wider environment too. You likely face stringent regulations on limiting your impact on the ecosystem around your facility. The filtration system – whether it be via HVAC filters or a dedicated extraction system – will protect the environment and keep you compliant. But if your system is inefficient, incorrectly configured or in a state of disrepair, you may face high running costs, poor results and a breach of regulations.

But air pollution is not just a compliance issue. For many manufacturers, the air quality in their production facilities can have a direct impact on product quality – with contaminants increasing failure rates and the finish of the final product. In addition, poor air quality can lead to higher operational costs too. Cleaning, maintenance, downtime, employee morale and much more can all be negatively affected by airborne pollutants.


The solution

Air filtration solutions from MANN+HUMMEL help you meet the clean air challenges of modern manufacturing. Our air filters can ensure that you comply with increasingly stringent regulatory requirements, protect employees and the environment, and realize all new operational efficiencies.

Our HVAC filters provide effective filtration at the lowest possible energy cost. Our ScandMist range of industrial air cleaners deliver unrivalled protection against fumes from metal, plastic and rubber processes. And our ATEX-rated filter range mitigates the risk of working with explosive materials – keeping you compliant and your employees safe.


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