Road and Rail

Ensure the safety of passengers and staff. Reduce sickness and absence.


The challenge

Rail transport is part of everyday life for many people. Be it private or business travel, or as a means of moving goods and raw materials.

Railways take us everywhere – through rural, suburban and urban areas. But the majority of passenger journeys take place in cities, where air pollution is at its highest. Emissions from the rail vehicle’s engines, brakes and other components add to this local pollution, and can make train cabins harmful and unhealthy places to be.

So, a key challenge for rail operators is protecting passengers from airborne contaminant to provide a comfortable, pleasant and safe environment. And employees need to be protected too. Drivers and cabin staff spend longer than anyone inside rail vehicles. Breathing contaminated air can lead to short and long-term health complaints, such as asthma, heart disease and various forms of cancer.


The solution

MANN+HUMMEL filtration solutions protect valuable cargo, employees and passengers from harmful pollutants, odors and hazards. We provide reliable, high-quality cabin air filters that clean fresh and recirculated air in your driver and passenger cabins. These filters rid the air of pollen and particles, making the interior of your trains comfortable, safe and pleasant places to be. Cabin filters also create clean working environment for your staff – reducing sickness and absence.

Our railway cabin filters are tested and rated according to the ISO 16890 standard for filtration efficiency and meet the fire protection requirements of EN 45545 – offering your passengers the highest level of protection and safety.

Railway vehicles are in use all over the world and require an extensive service infrastructure. The global distribution network of MANN+HUMMEL enables us to provide you with the filter elements you require at any time and at any place.