Public Buildings

Protect building occupants. Save energy.


The challenge

Public buildings are where people come together; to meet, to eat, to relax and to have fun. But welcoming high numbers of people brings its own challenges for building owners and operators.

Every time someone enters your building, they bring with them a host of other contaminants. Particulates are released from your visitors’ skin, hair, clothes, bags and anything else that they have with them. What’s more, in order to be easy to access, most public buildings are located next to good transport links, typically in urban zones. So, in addition to the particulate generated by the people in your building, you are likely to face raised levels of local pollution too.

For your employees, breathing polluted air all day, every day is demoralizing. And can lead to sickness, absence and long-term health complaints – such as asthma. For your customers, poor air quality is likely to create an unpleasant and unwelcoming indoor environment, which will affect how long people will want to stay in your building and whether they will want to return.


The solution

Whether your public building is a hotel, museum, restaurant, shopping mall, cinema, or any other leisure or meeting place, you want people to stay as long as possible and to return as frequently as possible. HVAC filtration solutions from MANN+HUMMEL can help you create indoor spaces in which people love to spend time and make memories.

Our filters can protect visitors and staff from airborne pollutants that can seriously harm their health. They can reduce staff sickness and associated absence. And they can also cut your energy costs too. In the average commercial building, 15% of the total energy consumption is down to the air filtration system. Installing our low-energy air filters can drastically lower your energy usage – saving you money and helping the environment too.