Improve patient, staff and visitor safety. Save costs. Quicken recovery. Reduce staff sickness.


The challenge

Healthcare facilities deal with people at their most vulnerable. A secondary infection or other health issue arising from poor air quality can have fatal consequences. The spread of viruses, germs and other airborne contaminants must be closely controlled. But managing the various zones around your hospital or surgery can be a time consuming and costly task. This is made all the more difficult as hospitals are normally sited where people are – in built-up, urban environments surrounded by good transport links. Unfortunately, with these conditions, high air pollution normally follows.

At the same time, patient comfort also has a significant role in recovery rates. A large part of that is creating a clean and pleasant indoor environment. That means the most suitable temperature, with the correct air change rates and the most appropriate level of air cleanliness for that particular department or ward.

But the overarching factor in all this is creating the right indoor environment at the most cost effective and energy efficient way – something that is not necessarily straightforward in a building as complex as a healthcare facility.


The solution

With MANN+HUMMEL healthcare filtration, you can maintain the highest level of cleanliness for your patients and staff, and meet the wide variety of air quality challenges you face.

We provide the full package of filtration needs for a healthcare facility. From humble HVAC filters, through EPA, HEPA and ULPA filters, all the way up to the latest laminar flow operating theater ceilings. All of these products share our dedication to quality, innovation and design – backed by an in-house product development team of over 1,000 R&D experts.

Our solutions can safeguard patients, staff and visitors from external air pollution, as well as pathogens released internally. We can help you quicken recovery rates by creating comfortable indoor environments and reducing the chance of post-operative infection. Our filters can reduce staff sickness and absence. And our engineered solutions can help your surgical teams perform at their best, free from distraction or drafts with our laminar flow ceilings.

We can also save you cost too. With all our products designed to deliver effective air cleaning at the lowest possible energy consumption. Meaning you can operate more efficiently while also reducing your carbon footprint.

And we can help you bring all this together by providing you with guidance and consultation on devising the ideal filtration system for your individual requirements.