Cruise Ships

Protect those on board. Reduce costs. Protect the engines.


The challenge

A cruise vacation represents the pinnacle of comfort and luxury – offering everything a customer needs in one place. Unfortunately, if a customer spends several weeks or months enjoying the ship’s bars, restaurants, casinos and entertainment facilities, any problems with air quality will be amplified – posing a real risk to passenger health. Of course, this threat extends to all on-board, including crew.

The sources of air pollution on a cruise ship can be numerous. Maintenance and remedial work can create particulate matter (PM). Winds can blow in sands and dusts while in-dock or at sea. And passengers can bring aboard various contaminants on their clothes, skin and luggage.

But it’s not just human health at risk from airborne pollutants. The ship’s engines also face a barrage of water, salt and other contaminants. Keeping the engines running efficiently is a major task.


The solution

MANN+HUMMEL offer the complete range of air filters for cruise ships. Wherever you require clean air on board, we can supply a product to meet your need.

Our HVAC air filters capture airborne particles to protect ship passengers and crew from their harmful effects. And our range of activated carbon filters remove gaseous compounds and odors to make internal spaces comfortable and pleasant places to be.

Our marine filtration solutions ensure that engines are able to operate safely and at maximum efficiency. From louvers that remove larger water droplets, coalescing filters that separate finer mists, through to particle filters that remove finer particulate that can cause damage or fouling to the engine components.

We focus on developing solutions for cruise ship filtration that find the perfect balance between optimum protection and maximum efficiency. And our products are well-proven in cruise ship engines and HVAC systems around the world.