Commercial Buildings

Protect building occupants. Reduce sickness. Reduce energy consumption.


The challenge

The value of any asset is determined by comparing the benefit that it brings against its cost. And a commercial building is no different. Its benefit is to provide an environment that maximizes productivity and efficiency. Its cost is all the money you must spend to keep it operational.

As an integral part of the building, the air delivery system can help you maximize the value you derive from both these aspects.

Most modern commercial buildings have poor air circulation, with windows sealed shut to increase energy efficiency. In buildings where outside air can enter, it is often away from the air handling unit. And in these cases, smoke, dust, pollen and other harmful particulates also enter the building – compromising indoor air quality.

Many of the occupants in a commercial building will spend around a third of their time within its indoor environment. So, the air quality within that space will have a major effect on the overall morale and health of those people. It will also have a significant influence on their productivity and performance while inside the building too. Research has shown that poor air quality and elevated temperatures lowers performance by up to 10%1. Poor indoor air quality is also known to contribute directly to employee absence, with the term ‘sick building syndrome’ coined in the 1980s to describe related illnesses.

Your first line of defense against pollutants that can inhibit performance and lead to absence is the air filtration system. And it can help reduce your costs too.

The air conditioning system will account for a massive 50% of the total energy usage of the average commercial building. Of that, a third is down to the air filtration system. That means the HVAC air filters you choose will influence around 15% of your total energy spend. So, making the right filter selection can have a significant impact on both your operational costs and your ability to meet energy efficiency targets.


The solution

HVAC air filtration solutions from MANN+HUMMEL provide effective defense against airborne contaminant. Our filters create clean, healthy and pleasant environments that are pleasant places to be, free from distraction and the pollutants that can cause sickness.

All our filters are designed to provide maximum energy efficiency too. But for the perfect balance between filtration efficiency and energy consumption, our eco16 filter management program will design the ideal filter system for your individual operating environment. We’ll measure pollution levels inside and outside your building, and determine the filter configuration that provides a safe level of air quality at the lowest possible cost – considering energy, procurement, stock holding, installation and disposal costs in the process.


1 REHVA Guidebook: Indoor Climate and Productivity In Offices, 2006