Substandard and poorly designed air intakes often suffer major problems with corrosion and organic growth. In many cases, these problems are caused by an excessively high air velocity through the grille – something that can be eliminated with the installation of ScandVane weather louvers.

Heavy-duty and highly efficient, ScandVane consists of vertical profiles which inertially separate water droplets from the air stream. This is achieved through the combination of a multi-directional change of the air stream and integrated hooks which continuously drain water away from the downstream air flow.

ScandVane is available in two different designs; ScandVane Marine for heavy duty applications and ScandVane Standard as a cost effective alternative for less demanding environments. Both are available with a number of different housings and profile materials to suit a wide variety of operating conditions, and can also be equipped with electric heating for anti-icing ability.

ScandVane is the solution for effective weather protection.


  • Available in two versions – Standard and Marine
    For maximum performance and cost effectiveness in varying applications
  • 100% anti-corrosive
    Maximises life and ensures downstream safety?
  • Low pressure drop
    Reduces energy consumption and lowers operating costs
  • Vertical louver profiles with integrated drainage hooks
    Provides continuous drainage and high water handling capacity
  • Custom designed housing available
    For simple integration with existing systems