MANN+HUMMEL enables to harness the power of digitalization, and be able to monitor, improve and manage their filtration from a centralized location, providing real-time data and actionable insights.

Digital Platform

Our cloud-based Digital Platform provides a user-friendly dashboard, giving an overview of your real time indoor and outdoor air quality data. It enables energy savings and preventive maintenance through advanced analytics.


OurAir Web Portal

The OurAir Web Portal is a single resource for managing air quality across one or multiple sites. Your OurAir air quality monitors gather pollution data and the results are presented in real time via the Web Portal. You can rename rooms or locations to easily identify any pollution problem areas. And as the portal is web based, you can access it from anywhere – you just need your OurAir credentials.

The Web Portal also provides guidance on selecting the best filters for your operating environment, so you can ensure the efficiency of your air delivery system and the safety of your building occupants.


OurAir App

Available for iOS and Android devices, the OurAir App lets you access air quality insight at home or on the go. It uses a simple rating system along with a map overlay to make it easy to understand the level of air pollution in your area. To make it easier to create a healthy environment, you can view tips and guidance on improving air quality at home or at work.