Reduce costs. Increase product quality. Improve safety.


The challenge

As a pharma manufacturer, you demand the highest standards in safety and quality in all your suppliers – just as your customers expect of you. Your air filter provider should be no different. A failed or underperforming filter can contaminate products, pose a danger to staff and expose the company to regulatory risk.

But your cleanroom filters need to be more than just bulletproof in terms of reliability. We are all under pressure to be more energy efficient, so your filtration system should help you reduce your energy usage. And it should also be designed to minimize on-site workload, while being flexible to the demands of the modern pharmaceutical cleanroom.


The solution

Pharmaceutical filtration solutions from MANN+HUMMEL help you comply with the stringent regulations in your industry, while also supporting your efforts to drive down energy usage and operational costs.

We have been supplying high efficiency filters for over 50 years and our products are well-proven in cleanrooms across the world. All of our EPA, HEPA and ULPA filters are fully compliant with the EN 1822 standard for filtration efficiency, and come supported with all the relevant testing and certification.

Our product development is backed by a thousand-strong team of R&D experts – continuously testing and looking for new ways to improve our product range. This has enabled us to develop filters for pharmaceutical cleanrooms that minimize energy consumption, while maximizing service life.

Ordering, storing, fitting and disposing of air filters can be a time consuming and costly business. We can advise you on ways to standardize the type and specification of filters that you use across your cleanroom, to simplify the process of filter procurement and cut on-site workload.