Reduce failures. Cut costs. Maximize uptime.


The challenge

As data becomes more pervasive and important in our everyday lives, datacenters are under increasing pressure to deliver faster and denser streams of data with near-faultless reliability – particularly with the advent of 5G and as IoT gains greater traction. But that reliability is becoming harder to guarantee, with IT OEMs reporting higher failure rates caused by corrosion of equipment components.

The reason for this growth in corrosion-related failures is two-fold. Firstly, as components get smaller they simply become more susceptible to corrosion; there is less space to hermetically seal each of the individual parts, ion migration across the tightly-packed components is more likely, and heat load is increased – requiring a higher air flow to cool the board, which introduces greater levels of contaminant to the circuitry.

Secondly, as our use of data changes, operators are siting datacenters in areas with new air quality challenges. Rural areas have raised levels of ammonia and sulfur from agricultural processes. Transportation and domestic heating in inner city zones mean higher quantities of particulate matter, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxides. And, datacenters situated in emerging markets in Asia, the Middle East and Africa face generally higher levels of local air pollution.


The solution

MANN+HUMMEL solutions for filtration in datacenters protect your equipment and help you ensure maximum uptime. Our experts can devise the most effective and efficient filtration system for your datacenter. This will include particle filter stages to capture dust contaminant, and activated carbon filters to remove harmful gases that can cause corrosion and deterioration to servers, hard drives and other equipment.

Cooling a datacenter is a necessary but not easy task, and you likely use a considerable amount of energy doing so. Techniques such as free cooling can help reduce your energy spend, but a simple change of filter can bring even bigger rewards. Our range of air filters offer low pressure drop performances across their service life – yielding significant energy savings for datacenter operators.