Perfect Harmony

Facing increasing external pressure, leading utility companies are investing ever more to improve the compatibility of fossil-fuelled power plants with the environment. These organisations recognise the importance of utilising the best available technology to reduce the environmental impact of power stations, in accordance with ISO 14001.

Similarly, an increasingly polluted world has an impact on power generation operators, with valuable equipment facing threat from increased atmospheric pollutants. In this situation, air filtration plays a primary role in protecting power generation equipment from the environment and the environment from power generation.

Air intake filters protect the most valuable equipment of a modern power station from degradation caused by exposure to outdoor air pollutants, whilst specialised process filters prevent the spilling of pollutant exhausts, like lube oil mists, into the atmosphere.

In this situation, MANN+HUMMEL's range of power gen air filtration solutions provides the answer; reducing the impact of power generation upon the environment with systems such as oil mist eliminators and filters for venting tanks; and protecting power generation from atmospheric pollutants with full air intake systems from weather louvers to HEPA filters.