Higher Output, Longer Life

In industrial and urban districts, with high levels of PM 2.5 (particulate matter ≤ 2.5 μm), sub-micron particulate impacts on gas turbine blades to form fouling – a thin layer of greasy soot that progressively affects the performance of the axial compressor and reduces the power output of the plant.

By removing more than 80% of the airborne fine particulate, high efficiency gas turbine air intake filters prevent fast fouling of compressor blades, but in many cases, simultaneously create an excess of under pressure on the gas turbine air intake, affecting the performance of the compressor and reducing the electric output. Here, a filter’s pressure drop performance is the key consideration, and by selecting the correct gas turbine filters, high efficiency can be achieved without compromising output. 

MANN+HUMMEL's Compatex range of gas turbine air filters comprises of three models, all featuring unequalled, long-lasting performance, even in the most extreme and demanding of climates and operating conditions. Furthermore, for the same air flow and filtration efficiency, the Compatex range has a pressure drop 15% lower than competitive products.

Compatex TMP/C

Recently redesigned for even greater rigidity, Compatex TMP/C now features an integrated handle for easier handling and installation/removal. Constructed to minimise energy consumption, Compatex TMP is available in three efficiency grades (F7 to F9 acc. EN779), three variants of active filtration area and with optional faceguards.

An established, well-proven design, Compatex TMP/C is renowned for reliable operation and an industry-leading burst pressure. Excellent water tightness and a self-draining system mean that even in the wettest of environments, Compatex TMPC provides ultimate performance and reliability in operation. Compact and solid, Compatex TMPC also features an ultrasonically-welded, all-plastic frame.

Compatex TMPE

Compatex TMPE features the same great properties and performance reliability of the Compatex TMPC, but at EPA grade efficiency. Designed to answer an increasing demand for greater air cleanliness from high performance gas turbine plants, Compatex TMPE provide ultimate protection from sub-micron particles and are available in grades E10 to E12.

Visit the Compatex TMP/C and Compatex TMPE product pages for further information.