Power Generation

As a company, MANN+HUMMEL aims to become the global benchmark supplier of air filters for applications in power generation. Get more information here.

Filtration’s role in power generation is critical. Air intake filters protect the most valuable equipment from degradation caused by exposure to outdoor air pollutants, whilst specialised process filters prevent the spilling of pollutant exhausts, like lube oil mists, into the atmosphere.

As a company, MANN+HUMMEL aim to become the global benchmark provider of air filtration for power generation applications. Leveraging our specific know-how, we continue to develop air cleaning solutions which exceed the strictest requirements in this field in terms of performance, energy consumption and environmental compatibility.

Our product range for gas turbine air filtration is unsurpassed, with a range of solutions for end users, installation/service companies and OEMs for gas turbines, diesel engines, gas engines, compressors and blowers, and nuclear power. From working closely with our customers, we have continued to innovate, bringing products to market which solve the problems faced by power generation operators each and every day.

With this product range, MANN+HUMMEL is a primary partner of leading power engine manufacturers, improving the overall performance of their systems with advanced air intake filtration solutions that require ever less energy and assure the best protection against environmental challenges.

Furthermore, MANN+HUMMEL's replacement and retrofit systems provide outstanding opportunities to increase power output and generation performance, reduce production and maintenance costs, and minimise the environmental impact of power plants in service.