Energy Efficient

Saving you cost and the environment too

Many businesses realise the advantages of being energy efficient as they investigate the impact that their operations have upon the environment. But an all-too-often overlooked area is air filtration. Whilst many organisations recognise the important role that their air handling unit (AHU) plays in a bid to become more energy efficient, many do not realise the potential reduction that can be achieved by simply choosing the correct air filter.

An air filter consumes energy by creating a resistance to the air that flows through it. This pressure drop means that the fan has to work harder to move the air. Therefore, if the pressure drop of the air filter is lowered, the fan, through the inverter, can be reset to work less hard and consume less energy.

The reduction in energy consumption, and so to CO₂ emissions, brought about by an air filter replacement is not insignificant. In tests, Airpocket Eco typically lowered the pressure drop by 100 Pa per air filter aperture. In a nine-filter system, this equates to a reduction in CO₂ emissions of 2,700 kg per year.

Obviously, the benefits associated with reducing energy consumption are not purely ecological. With electricity costs incessantly increasing, any improvement in energy efficiency is warmly welcomed. Again, the outcome from changing to a more intelligent air filter is impressive - lowering the pressure drop of an average air conditioning filter by just one Pascal will reduce its operating cost by around €2 p.a. So by installing Revo II in a nine-filter system, the saving in energy costs could be around €1,800.

Although the purchase price of an energy efficient air filter may be greater than that of a less efficient filter, the opposite is often true for cost of ownership. Depending on the system, the purchase price of an air filter will typically be just 15% of the total cost associated with its operation, with energy accounting for 70%. So, a more expensive air filter initially, may well provide significant cost savings overall.

That is why we focus on reducing the energy consumption of our air filters rather than just their purchase price. As we aim towards a better world, all of our air filters are designed to provide the optimum balance between maximum filtration efficiency and minimum pressure drop.

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Eurovent 4/21 - the air filtration energy efficiency standard.