Lowering energy demand without compromising air quality

eco16 - Clean Air Management System

As an industry that provides protection from, as well as to, the environment around us, air filtration must adapt to meet the challenges posed by a period of unprecedented ecological change. eco16 is a clean air management system that revolutionises the way we think about air filtration.

For too long now we have focused too intently upon filtration class. As energy consumption becomes ever more critical, in both monetary and ecological terms, so too does the need to optimise an air delivery system for the lowest possible power demand.

Simultaneously, it is now widely accepted that we are living in an ever more polluted world, breathing air containing ever higher levels of contaminant. A UK government study found that even just reducing the concentration of PM2.5 would be more beneficial to life expectancy than eliminating passive smoking and traffic accidents combined. With this in mind, the importance of choosing a level of filtration that provides sufficient protection against such contaminant is clear.

The underlying predicament of this situation, however, is that a filter system’s energy consumption increases proportionally to its filtration efficiency. So whilst simply raising the filter class will improve the air quality, it will do so at an increased energy cost.

What is needed, then, is a solution that finds the sweet-spot between providing sufficient air quality to meet the needs of a particular internal environment, but at the lowest possible energy consumption. 

eco16 from MANN+HUMMEL achieves just that. It is a clean air management system that guarantees a required level of air cleanliness in the most efficient manner possible. By analysing your exact requirements and operating environment, eco16 will balance all of the constituent parts of your air handling unit and provide you with a filtration system that offers the necessary cleanliness at the lowest possible cost – both to you and the environment.

Sounds simple, but thanks to the array of factors that contribute to the make-up of an internal environment finding the optimum solution is no easy task, which is why we have patented eco16 as a method of selecting air filters for indoor air. No other company can provide this solution.

eco16 draws its name from the sixteen elements that make up the system. Each element has an associated course of action and together create an entire framework for managing clean air in any application or environment. Through analysis of a range of conditions and our bespoke software, we are able to utilise all relevant elements and provide a solution that is tailored to each customers’ facility and requirements.

And we can provide as much or as little ongoing support as you require. Scheduled checks of your indoor environment are advised as a minimum, but we can also provide a Total Filter Management programme. In this scheme, MANN+HUMMEL will manage all of your filter requirements over an agreed time period for a one-off payment. This means that we will supply, install and maintain all the filters necessary to maintain air quality at a set level for the lowest possible energy consumption. This also includes all particulate matter testing and disposal of expired filters. 

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