Pharmaceutical & Research

In order to maximise yield and protect the workforce in pharmaceutical and research facilities, HEPA & ULPA filters are used in clean room and containment rooms for supply, recirculation and exhaust air. MANN+HUMMEL's range of products for this area is second to none, including the industry renowned Hepatex range of ULPA and HEPA filters. In the emerging industries of genetic research, nanotechnology and other pathogen free environments, these air filters continue to ensure that maximum protection and maximum yield can go hand-in-hand.

Manufacturers of clean air booths, benches and cabinets for the pharmaceutical industry & biological research industries know that their company's reputation is only as good as the ultra filters that they put into their equipment. A filter failure is, as far as their customers are concerned, a failed system. Because MANN+HUMMEL produces dependable, tested, high efficiency air filters, those customers return time after time.


The ULPA filters manufactured by MANN+HUMMEL for microelectronic cleanrooms take reliability and efficiency to new levels and in many cases particle counts are as low as one per litre of air are taken for granted. Often in these applications the challenge is airborne molecular contamination, for which MANN+HUMMEL has a comprehensive range of specialist carbon filters, available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and with a myriad of activated and impregnated carbon media.