ISO 16890

The new standard for HVAC air filtration

At the start of 2017, ISO 16890 was launched to become the new global standard for HVAC air filtration. ISO 16890 will replace the EN 779 classification, which means saying goodbye to the familiar F7 - and all the other G, M and F classes. It's going to completely change how you specify and buy HVAC filters. But what is ISO 16890? Why has ISO 16890 been launched? And what does ISO 16890 mean for you? You can find out below.


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We're ready for the new ISO air filter standard

MANN+HUMMEL's Intelligent Air Solutions team has been involved in developing the new ISO filter standard from the start. And we've put a lot of work into ensuring we're ISO 16890 ready. Part of this is a complete refit of our Swedish test facility, which now boasts 240 m2 of controlled test environment. This means we can recreate as realistic an environment as possible to help ensure our products offer maximum performance in the real world.

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What if fishing equipment was tested against one size of fish?

Fish may not sound relevant to HVAC filtration, but the filter in your air handling unit was probably tested against just one particle size. And that's exactly what the new ISO 16890 standard seeks to address.

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The complete guide to ISO 16890

The new ISO 16890 standard will completely transform the way we think about air filters. The good news is that it's going to bring you a number of benefits in the process. But to realize these benefits, you need to understand it. Our guide examines the new ISO filter standard in depth; revealing how it all works, why it's important, how you can benefit and what you need to look for in a compliant filter.

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ISO 16890: Get the full picture on filter performance

The outgoing EN 779 standard tested a filter with just one particle size. ISO 16890 looks at a filter's ability against a range of different-sized particulate. That means you get a full picture of how an air filter will perform when you install it in your HVAC system.

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