Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency and air filtration

Whether it’s in an HVAC system, an operating theater ceiling or a gas turbine air intake, air filters cause an unavoidable barrier to the air flow. And that’s why air filters play an important role in the energy consumption of whatever system in which they are installed. Reduce the resistance and the load upon the fan – or other device that is generating the air flow – is also reduced. And when you consider that fans in office buildings alone account for 15 – 20% of total energy demand, choosing the right air filter can make a big difference. Below is some further guidance on energy efficiency in air filtration.

Energy efficient filtration

Saving energy wherever possible is likely to already be a central part of your operations strategy. But an all-too-often overlooked opportunity to lower energy consumption is your building’s air handling unit, where making a simple switch to the right air filter can provide significant savings.

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Finding the missing 15%

You may feel like you have exhausted every, last opportunity for reducing energy in your building. But there is an often-overlooked area that accounts for around 15% of your total building energy consumption. Best of all, optimizing the efficiency of this system usually requires no retrofitting, disruption or remedial work. It's normally a case of swapping one for another.

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