Air Filter Guide

Become a filter expert

There’s a lot to consider when choosing an air filter. From understanding how an air filter works to deciphering the common terms used in the filtration industry. So, we’ve compiled the following air filter guide to help you understand what you should be looking for and find the best filter for you.

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Choosing the right air filter

Selecting the ideal air filter for you means looking at your application, environment and objectives. Our air filter selection guide gives you an overview of the key considerations for choosing an air filter and details the key questions you should ask yourself.

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Glossary of filter terms

What’s does arrestance actually mean? Should you worry about DHC? And just what is the difference between a HEPA and an ULPA? There’s many terms that are specific to the air filtration industry, but our handy glossary of filter terms helps you answer all the questions and more.

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How does an air filter work?

They may look relatively simple, but there’s a lot of technology packed into an air filter. Our guide to filtration theory explains what’s going on inside the humble exterior of a filter, the key filtration mechanisms, and how particulate is actually caught.

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Getting what you want from your air filter

What represents good value for money when it comes to air filters? Most buyers want their filters to deliver a required level of clean air, as cheaply as possible, for as long as possible between filter changes. In our three-part series, we examine how you can maximize the value you get from your air filters. 

Long service life

How does a filter reach the end of its service life? How do manufacturers maximize life? And what can you do to prolong the life of your filters?

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Low lifecycle costs

How can you ensure that you keep your filter costs to the absolutely bare minimum and ensure you get best value for money?                                                                  

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Clean Air

Do your filters actually meet the purpose for which you bought them? And are they delivering that outcome in the most cost-effective way?

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